Residential IT Services

Whether you are looking for help picking out a new computer or need repairs to your current machine, our team has you covered. We offer many services to our residential customers to keep machines running at top speed with only the best software.

New Computer Sales

We are not sales men who are only trying to sell you our in-store stock of computers. Our team understands that every person needs something different depending on how they use their computer. So, we do not have a stock of computers available in store. We will discuss what you are looking for and help you pick the computer that best fits your needs.

Home Services

  • Laptop & desktop hardware repairs
  • Windows PC Cleanup & Tune up
  • Home networking & wireless setup
  • Printer Setup (no printer repairs, such as fixing rollers or ink heads, etc)
  • Personalized Training & Education
  • Data Backup consultation
  • Password management education
  • General security best-practices recommendations